Friday, 18 September 2009

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen, 1

Michael Sheen, 1

college Work


Carmel Walsh, 1

Carmel Walsh, 1

Tunnel Vision

Back to go Forward

Tears in my eyes while the grey suited man waits for my answer.

Three, not out

Cartoons being drawn, nuts in the salad, laughter in the air

Yoghurt pots in the spokes

Holly, Sally and a silk cut

Head for that year

Her taste stays with me

Expensive gloves, baggy shorts and dirty boots

A two pound strawberry

Left to fend for himself

Cup final glory

Too much, too little

Two crimes, three days, one cell

Cider with rose'

Remember all

The bowl

Two gardiners and a dental nurse

A wiseman with a wide dog

A teacher of trades

The beginning